For Automotive Industries we are manufacturing functional critical engine parts as well as aesthetic appearance parts.

Oil & Gas

We provide Plastic components & parts which are used in very rough and tough application. Some parts are so sensitive with quantity feedback system.


We had developed many insulation products such as bush, spacer, distance bolt, nut etc. Some applications works for induction insulation purpose and some application work as earthing insulation purpose.


We had also developed customized Enclosure boxes for Fixing PCB safe and secure i.e. IP65. We provide plastic Enclosure.

Textile & Garments

We serve our textile customer by providing highly precision part which can control yarn tension of the finest yarn in warping creel. Our many products fit in carding, weaving, accumulator, spinning machinery.


We are manufacturing and supplying chrome plated plastic parts with toughest aesthetic standards as well as highly functional critical faucet parts made of super special plastic materials.

Packaging Industry

Plastic packaging materials such as bottles, containers, bags, films, and wraps are commonly used in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and consumer goods packaging.

Consumer Goods

Our Plastic products are used in the manufacturing of a wide range of consumer goods, including toys, kitchenware, appliances, electronics, furniture, and various household items.

Construction and Building Industry

Plastic materials find applications in the construction industry for products such as pipes, fittings, insulation materials etc.