CAD & CAM Designs

S.S. Engineering Works has State-of-the-art CAD & CAM design facility which brining the innovative ideas imagined both by the client and us into reality. We always make sure that clients get an ideal volume model for the discussions and corrections of the mould, helping us to come as close as we can to perfection. All parameters needed to be considered are taken into account. So when the challenge is in making moulds for different applications or stretching longetrivity for superior cycles, it is the inventiveness of our designing team in taking the first step towards the best product the client desires to manufacture.


With limitless products to mould, mould manufacturing itself becomes a complicated process that needs quality inspection at every stage of manufacturing. The process is build on keeping stock of the best of steel used for mould manufacturing in good tonnage quantity aiding quick response to start the manufacturing process.

Quality Inspection

Meticulous observation of the smallest details is maintained during every stage of manufacturing. quality inspection and protocols are managed & monitored at several steps by checking the accuracy of all machining operation on a regular basis. The assembly of the parts into the finished mould is meticulously done more so with machines to avoid any discrepancies.

We Manufacture High Quality Plastic Moulds Dies For Various Industries. The Moulds, We Manufacture with The Help Of Latest CAD/CAM Software’s And High-Tech Machineries, Best Raw Materials And Cutting Tools We Owned In Our Tool Room. Hence, Our Customers Are Assure For getting High Quality End Products And Longer Service Life Standards From Our Mould Products.

The delivery of moulds is based on a well-established development process that includes validation of products through prototype development and applying engineering analysis and final in-house testing and Quality Assurance.

- 3D moulding of automotive components, consumer goods and material handling systems

- Product Design
- Surface Modelling
- Solid Modelling
- Assembly Modelling
- Designing Jigs and Fixtures for Part Inspection and Welding
- Designing Dies, Mould
- Generation of 2D drawings to 3D models
- Reverse Engineering
- Analysis, Validation & Design Optimization
- Prototyping